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onsdag 1 februari 2012

Offensive weapon - Selftitled CD (2010)

01. We walk alone
02. Es por tu nación (Klan cover)
03. Fight for your life
04. Face of death
05. Rock against terrorism
06. The storm is comming
07. Offensive weapon
08. Yellow journalist

Released by Pure Impact in 2010. Later re-released on LP by WAR in 2011.

(Update 2 May 2012: Uploaded the album again)

First thing that struck me is how "un-American" the band sounds even though the obvious eastcoast HC-influences. The band has put a lot of time into the guitar-parts of the song wich is quite rare in modern US oi!. The double guitarists really pays of and songs like Fight for your life really floats on some great riffs. The band even reminds me about my homelands own vikingrock at certain parts.

Another thing that sticks out is their vocalist Lee whom i dont think has any prior experiences in the musicscene. If he does let me know because i am quite intrested to hear anything else by the man.

Some might think 8 songs are a bit lazy to release as an CD but i dont have a problem with it. All songs are well thought through and give you as much moneys worth as any other record will. All it does is save your thumb some work when your not forced to skip through 7 songs to your next "good song" on the CD.

Best song on the record is Fight for your life.
The record can be bought at:
Pure impact (CD)
Dim records (CD)

5 kommentarer:

  1. Skulle någon vara intresserad av denna skiva, så har vi i PST 1 ex av varje färg av vinylen till salu.

    Bara mejla prettyshittytown@hotmail.com


  2. 211 Oxblood crew represent! Lee was the singer of Striking Fear before this..didn't release anything. Stay tuned for a new release..

  3. Can you put this one back up?

  4. Thanks for the upload of this classic!