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söndag 19 februari 2012

The deacons - Brooklyn towne CD (2004)

01. Brooklyn towne
02. Quitting time
03. 29
04. Of my father
05. Don't need a reason
06. Calling out
07. Raise your hand
08. Paper soldier
09. I feel fine
10. The time is right
11. Ohio (Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young cover)
12. Only in America

Released by Made In Brooklyn Records in 2004.

Even though the band is still together this was the last thing they released (the lineup is included in my photos so i wont mention it here).

Has a more produced feeling to it than their earlier releases which is both good and bad depending on the songs. Even though the song Paper soldier is still a good song it looses sand anyone searching for Oi! can look elsewhere but if you aint to hard for this sort of music you will probably find some enjoyment from great songs like 29 (streetpunk anthem about growing old) and Quitting time.
Best song on the cd was Don't need a reason. A song that made pissed because it shows how great the band can sound when they focus more on rhytmic rock'n'roll than on whispering streetpunk anthems.
The record cans till be bought at:
The pists ministore
Hepcat Records

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