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onsdag 15 februari 2012

Strong Island Boot Boys release EP through United Riot.

They are now releasing their demo i reviewed last year through United Riot Records. It will be released on 7'' in limited 100 red, 100 blue and 100 white and the rest on black. Be sure to pick it up here:

3 kommentarer:

  1. Hey - have you seen how this is being marketed now, and they amount of love that's clearly gone into this release?

    Three different editions with different covers and different extras inside - all of which presented in 4 different colour choices.

    The 'deluxe' and 'diehard' editions (also test presses, so I suppose that you could count that as a 4th edition) are here:

    For a band that recorded 5 songs in 2005 and then split, someone must really love them, or the band made a big difference at an important time in their life or something. Or maybe all this is because they're getting back together again? Dunno.


    1. The bandmembers used hang around the same crews as the ones now running the label. With American Defense and Vulture rock no more i feel as if this is one of the few labels who still releases good Oi!.
      CHeck out there new release with Bad assets. I ordered my copy some weeks ago.

  2. I'd probably have bought one of the versions with the poster if I'd known about them before I went out and bought the regular release as soon as it turned up in my usual oi! shop. I like that artwork.

    'Pitbull Breed' would actually be a good band name, if it isn't already.

    btw, I don't think that Vulture Rock is actually gone. Just put into hibernation mode with only a few titles kept in print, what with with times being tough. They did put out a Klasse Kriminale LP a few months ago. Though I didn't notice until I was told about it. :)

    I suppose it's a bit like how Captain Oi! Records only releases 1 album a year now, when at one time they seemed to be releasing 1 or 2 every month.