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måndag 6 februari 2012

Banner of hope (introduction)

Banner of hope is a good example of a good band that turned bad. They originated from New Jersey in early 90's and played a good punkrock (even though a bit to much pop for me). The origninal lineup was Neil on vocals, John on guitar, Rich Milkawski on bass and Matt Herman on drums. With this lineup they released their first and best EP but soon after Neil left the band and was replaced by Jen (later in NY Rel-X). This is where the band started to take a turn to the worse and after the recording of their second EP both Rich and John left the band leaving Matt as the only original member. The band got some new members, released some more stuff and later went seperate ways. In the 00's the band got together for a short period and a split with Charge 69 was planned but nothing ever came out of that.

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