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söndag 26 februari 2012

On trial - Falling down CD (2009)

01. Falling down
02. Dead society
03. Stick together
04. Pride
05. No regrets
06. Stand by your friends
07. Under my boots
08. Fight back
09. Society
10. Down at the pub
11. Junkie
12. Brutal combat
13. Backstreet kids
14. Responsability
15. Janey
16. What tomorrow brings
17. Oi! toy

Selfreleased by the band in 2009.
Thanks to Breuil Seb for sending me this record.

(Update 16th March 2012: After a British label claimed to own the rights and removed it i have now sorted it out and the album is yet again available for download at the bottom of the post.)

First album with Zach on bass and a big improvement from their old sound. The first thing that struck me when listening to it is how much better Wes sounds now, sure he did a good vocal job on past stuff but where it sometime collapsed before it now holds all way through.

The sound is unadulterated and pure Oi! of the highest quality. The whole record reminds me about the darker East coast Oi! of the 90's and even has a bit of an early The business sound going on in some places.

The lyrical content has a pessimistic and dark feeling and goes great with the heavy bass and paramilitary drums. The themes are about everything from foreign military affairs (Brutal combat) to drugabuse (Junkie). The band even manages to pull of an Irish "dirty riverish" drinking ballad. Its not great but since i otherwise hate this sort of stuff it has to be good.

If your taste in punk is anything like mine its not a question about if you will like it or not more of a question what songs will you like the most. My favourites are Backstreet kids, Stick together, Under my boot and Brutal combat. The only true question though is why doesnt this band have a record deal after all these years?
(WMA files this time to but next record is in MP3)

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