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fredag 10 februari 2012

Lyrics for Paper soldier by The deacons

I knew a paper soldier boy cut finely out of would
He started out with plastic guns, intentions well and good
And as the years passed by it seems he played the part so well
He wrapped himself in stars and stripes all else could go to hell
And he said "I know whats right and it aint you"

I meet a man while scrubbin pots with a face i'd seen before
For every story i could tell he had a hundred more
Old Irish Joe had nothing left. Not home, nore job, nore wife
Three people at the welfare wake to finally end his life
"Mr please can you spare a dime?"

My god why'd it go so wrong? Why cant you see it through?
Mockry of a country thats more red and white than blue
My god why mothers crying, she aint the only one
Only question left to ask is aint we all your sons?

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