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söndag 5 februari 2012

Hardsole - Discography

01. One step forward
02. Lower class labour
03. Welcome to Denver
04. Hated
05. Army of hooligans
06. Don't think i will
07. Beer & fags (Hard skin cover)
08. Publife
09. Get out
10. Denver CO
11. St. James gate
12. Facts of life
13. Bring it back
14. Down in DCO
15. King of drunks
16. 3 day weekend
17. Hard drinking nights
18. If you want blood (AC/DC cover)
19. Drunk last night
20. Red, white & blue
21. Back with a bang (Skrewdriver cover)

Underrated and forgotten band that even i can admit was a bit uneven from song to song but still rise way above some of todays celebrated oldschool US acts.

The first 12 songs was part of a file i downloaded back in 2005-2006 in think. It was called "Down the tables at Morey's" and i aint got a clue if this was an actual release or not. The other tracks was songs i downloaded from the the bands old website (dont think it's up anymore).

The bands resemblance to the band Counterattack can be heard on the first tracks and especially the song Army of hooligans. A great song with lyrics like "Commies to the left and nazis to the right, they all try to exploit my kind/We dont need your soapbox politicians to tell us whats on our minds"
Also influences from bands such as Squiggy can be heard on the song Facts of life and just like most other songs this one is about working class life. When not singing about smacking up commies/nazis and working hard they come back to the subject of drinking. The best drinking song of them all is Hard drinking nights where they get a bit more rock'n'roll and almost sound a bit like early Bovver wonderland.

Just like the singer from Fatskins and Counterattack their vocalist has a distinct way of delivering the lyrics. Most times he pulls it of but on some songs he just sounds retarded.

A band that has been forgotten today (except for Total annihilation that did a cover of their song Bring it back). I think its sad because the band really stood out in many ways so if anyone knows what happened to the members after the band let me know.

3 kommentarer:

  1. @ Bernando: THANKS very much for posting this. Always just knew them from their MySpace site and the great cover track that the almighty TOTAL ANNIHILATION done of them and that was all. Always wanted to know more of them but never found anything so really THANKS a lot for this post, and the band is a damn great one!!! But I ask myself where the hell all the good anti-fascist Oi! bands had gone that anyhow refused to go to bed with the AFA and the PC idiots and instead of this stayed true to the cause and remained Oi! and Bootboys...?!? Anyway, again: Great job, THANKS a lot man!!!
    - Manslaughter Andy

    1. Andy we've all seen your webzine and know you're a lefty; Why the hell do you always have to bring politics into the discussion?

      If you like to flirt with skinhead, put up with the fact that it's a different scene than what you're into. Stay punk, will suit you better!

  2. I think this was a really good post, and I am a sucker for bands that do covers, really liked the AC/DC cover.
    I only wished that they had been able to do a better recorded release, at times this the sound quality seemed to not be there, but it's better than nothing.
    Good post.

    Brian Guy