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tisdag 7 februari 2012

V/A - Rock Against Pedophiles Vol.1: Britain fetches the noose (2012)

01. No remorse - Bring it back
02. East end badoes - Gary doesnt glitter
03. Celtic warrior - To the gallows
04. Bakers dozen - Rule 43
05. English rose - Theres no justice
06. Argy bargy - We know where you live
07. Gundog - Sexcase
08. Section 5 - Hang 'em high
09. Celtic warrior - Child abuser
10. Code 1 - Pervert scum
11. Combat 84 - Rapist
12. Retaliator - Sarah
13. Strikeforce UK - Bring back the rope
14. Squadron - Time for change
15. Bulldog breed - Peadophile
16. Guttersnipe army - Taken for a ride
17. Blank generation - Another victim
18. Condemned 84 - Child killers
19. English rose - Pervert scum (Old cassette demorecording)

Released by Bernando says (me) as a free online bootleg in 2012.

Nothing to do with US Oi! but an all British Oi!/RAC bootleg i have been working on for some time now. All songs send a clear message to predators of the young all around the world.
Take note that even if some of the bands on the comp are on the far right there are no fascist political messages in any of the songs, unless you think a fair punishment to match the subhuman crime is fascist.

6 kommentarer:

  1. GREAT!!! Top work compiling this and I hope more will come. And totally agree on your notes about righteous treatment in form of capital punishment of sick subhuman bastard scum like rapists and child molesters. Hang 'em high! Oi!
    - Manslaughter Andy

  2. jesus I just read the comments for this post on DU, what a bunch of shit, seems to me its just another reason for you to bring back the FUCK YEAH blog, and post whatever you want.


  3. DU is basicly 95% lefty so the comments come with the territory. You should have seen it back in the days when Mark ran the site. Even Oi! got shitted on for being pro-violent haha

  4. In America and I'm sure most brainwashed European countries, pedophiles get a slap on the wrist. It's like our government is waging war against it's citizens allowing perverts to roam the streets. A pedophile may only get 3-5 years in jail here if that.
    Like someone can just change their sexual preference? No one could turn me into a Homo no matter how much they tried to brainwash me and no one can turn a pedophile into a productive member of society. The judicial system is a fucking joke

    1. Well then you havnt seen me all oiled up after 2 hours at the gym ;)
      All jokes aside i understand what you mean. Some weeks ago a notorious Swedish pedo was caught chatting with girls and trading pictures of little girl online..... while he was undergoing psychiatric treatment! Appearently he had turned his mobile into a broadband for one of the laptops at the place. What happened? They took away his laptop and told him "naughty naughty"

  5. two thirds of them are white power....but maybe it takes the far right to actually notice and identify scum where as the left wants to "treat" them and rub fucking lotion on them til they are cured