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tisdag 14 februari 2012

The deacons - Greetings from Brooklyn 7''

01. The time is right
02. Outto my mind
03. My life
04. Friday night

Released by Cobra Records. No releasedate at all is known about this release and no date is written on the release itself. The EP doesnt even list the bandmembers and the Cobra Records is completly unknown so figuring out the release year for this one is almost impossible. The fact that it's a rare record makes it impossible to ask any stores about any info.

The band shows of both their good and bad sides on this ep. The opening track Time is right is probably the best one. Its rhytmic and catchy with good lyrics and a hell of a way to open a EP.
Less good is the second song that is intresting in its own way butt the stop-go-stop-go sections just makes it a freak of a song that is impossible to listen to without getting annoyed.
Song My life offers a good skinhead punk'n'roll anthem but ends just to short to be enjoyable.
Last track is the biggest disappointment since it starts of in a nice modsish way and the chorus is great but the vocalist just cant handle these softer songs and it sounds more like whispers than singing.

Still a nice EP that stands out in both a good and a bad way.

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