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fredag 3 februari 2012

V/A - Oi! don't pay the bills Vol.2 CD (2010)

01. The loose skrews - When the going gets tough
02. The loose skrews - Vicious cycle
03. The loose skrews - Violent world (The glory cover)
04. Broken heroes - Newton mutant
05. Broken heroes - Zero tolerance
06. Broken heroes - Skinhead rock and roll
07. The boozers - Drink some more
08. The boozers - Robots
09. The boozers - Beer slurpee
10. The hated - Front page
11. The hated - Troubled Oi!
12. Road to ruin - Back to brewhall
13. Road to ruin - Beer drinkin' hooligans
14. Road to ruin - Chowda
15. Shitfit - Woodchipper
16. Shitfit - xCHEERSx
17. The barons - Bottom of my glass
18. The barons - Decisions
19. The keefs - We're ok
20. The keefs - Compromise
21. Drunken dru band - What about Charlie, Dru (Canada)
22. Drunken dru band - St. Henri (Canada)

Released by Neck Records in 2010.

This night it was -42 Celcius (-44 Fahrenheit) in northern Sweden, i can easily say i find no reason to even go outside the door this weekend. And with this said there will be a lot of post both here and on VHS-ploitation.

I reviewed the first volume in 2010 and even though it didnt contain that much exclusive material it was a really good collection of unknown acts out of the Delaware scene. This time around they still focus on their hometown but they have broaded their sights and even include a bunch of Canadians.

I like most of the band on the comp but it all seems a bit to weak to me and most songs has like on the previous comp been released on records at the time of the comps release.

The loose skrews, Broken heroes, The barons, Road to ruin and The boozers have all been discographied on the site and to my knowledge all the songs they offer on the comp so i will skip directly to the less known acts.

The hated is a longrunning band from Delaware (20 years strong) and has released a couple of records but no matter where i look i cant find any of them for sale. The only other material i have is a demoCD from 2009. They play a sort of punkier Oi! and they do it well even though these two songs are a bit weaker than their older songs. A band that i will get to sometime in the future. (Take a look at my wantedlist on the bottom of the page to see what records i am looking fotr with the band)

Shitfit is a screamo trashy punkband from New Jersey and a good example of why i hate most other people into punk. Not my cup of tea.

The keefs play a radiofriendly steetrock/streepunk (or whatever the hell you kids kall it these days) and i must say i kind of like them, their first song We're ok that is. Stear clear from their song Compromise if you know whats good for you.

The last band on the comp called Drunken dru band is a bunch of Canadians who think they live in Ireland. They play the sort of Irish folkpunk that somehow in later years has been mixed up in the Oi! scene. Whats next a punkalbum featuring a rapband?..... What thats already been done?? (US of Oi! Vol.2 i am looking at you)

Best songs on the comp are the old demosongs from The barons and the song Beer drinking hooligan by Road to ruin.
The album can be bought for pocketchange (around 6 euro) at:
Oi! aint dead
Pure impact

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