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lördag 4 februari 2012

The broadsiders - Pressed to kill 10'' (2010)

01. Castle law
02. Southern identity
03. 1836
04. Lions den
05. Reaction
06. Face value
07. Modern times
08. Mid-city martyrs (2010 Version)

Released by Contra and Longshot Records in 2010.

As the band are getting ready to release a new album i guessed it was time to fill in the gaps in their discography on the site.

As i have ranted about a lot in previous reviews i really like this new Texas uprising with a lot of solid bands croppin up lately. The broadsiders stand out of the crowd though, not only do they focus heavily on southern rock but they also support the team FC Dallas.

Just like their older releases this album holds high quality. A bit more focused on the rock parts on this one but the way they mix up Austins quite rough vocals with the trailerpark guitarmasturbation is more than instresting. Going on 30 y.o this year i am getting less and less interested in going to shows and watching bands play but i can easily say that this bands energy on records really makes me want to see them live.

The first song that caught my ear (and probably the best one on the record) is Southern identity. Great guitars and a great singalong chorus all well orchastrated in a blazing rock'n'roll tempo.

Listening to the "remix" of Mid-city martyrs from their first record really goes to show how much their sound has changed. Sure their first version had a southern touch to it but sounds like something from the backstreets of Brooklyn when compared to the newer version.

Great album. Buy it or squeal like a pig (finally got a Deliverance quote in there).
The record can be bought in these distros:
Oi! aint dead
Durtymick Records
Rebellion Shop
Bandworm Records
Pug Music

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