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tisdag 31 januari 2012

Offensive weapon (introduction)

New York band that unlike most other new US bands actually is a household name in the Swedish scene (well most know who they are atleast). The band picked up arms in 2005 and rose from the inbreed but great NY scene with Lee on vocals, Julio (Carnage Crew) and Mike (played in Frontline soldiers i think) on guitars, Tynan (Fed Up!) on bass and Alex (Oxblood, Fed Up!, Carnage crew) on drums.
The band recorded a CD in 2008 that didnt get release until early 2010 by Crowbar/Pure impact. This CD was later re-issued on vinyl in early 2011 by the new label WAR. The band was in the making of releasing a demo from 2006 through Crowbar but since the label defunct it never got released.

The band plays a pro-patriotic Oi! with obvious influences from their other bands like Fed up! but also other NY bands like Skin disorder.

3 kommentarer:

  1. This is a great band, hopefully something new of them will see the light of the day more sooner than later!!! Asked for an interview with them by the summer of last year or so but never got an answer, thought that they would maybe be already defunct again but your introduction sounds different, and that's great, good to see that they are still around and I can't wait for some new stuff of them!!!
    - Manslaughter Andy

  2. I discovered them through that cover song of Klan covering Böhse Onkelz and really liked them! I second Andy, can't wait to see some new stuff of them!

  3. Great band! I'm pretty sure Julio and Alex both played in Oxblood (Julio for bigger shows). The bassist for First Strike has been playing with them as well since they reformed a year or two ago. Hopefully with the album out, they will finally get the recognition they deserve in the States.