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onsdag 4 januari 2012

The Aggro-Vators - Discography (1998-2009)

01. Tony Montana
02. Beauty in my twisted mind
03. DVP
04. Hate this place
05. Quarter of a century
06. Goblin
07. Fucked up situation
08. Kilmo's aggro
09. We came for the beer
10. What the fuck?
11. Keep on stompin'
12. All for one
13. All the same to you
14. Sober Contemplation
15. Had To Get On Johnny
16. Feeling The Aggro
17. Aggro Billy
18. New Song
19. Still Pist
20. Spazz Juice
21. Let Down
22. Peeing On An Electric Fence
23. O.D. 300
24. Addiction
25. Binge
26. 2 a.m. Last Round
27. Beauty (live)
28. Hate This Place (live)
29. Please Go Away (live)

Thanks to Brandon from the band for sending me this album.

The band was formed in 1998 by Rhonda on vocals, Jaymi on bass + backup vocals and Luke (ATF, Vanguard, The Hooliganz and Blockhead & the 454's) on guitar. They didnt really have a dedicated fulltime drummer and seemed to change it for every liveshow they did. The band took a timeout in 2002 after recording a demo and some livesongs.

In 2004 the band came back with Rhonda and Jaymi on their old positions but Luke had switched to drums and picking up the guitar in his place was John. This lineup recorded the Strike back CD (tracks 20-26) before John left the band.
The same year Luke's other band Blockhead & the 454's ended and Luke brought with him the bassplayer Brandon to fill the gap that John left. Brandon (also played with Luke in ATF) had never played guitar before but was an old fan of the band so he actually lied and said he could play guitar. Understanding what he had just done he ran out to the nearest pawnshop and bought himself a guitar. After just a week of practice he joined them for the first recordings and the result was We came for the beer CD (tracks 1-9) that wierdly enough are the best songs by the band.

The band did some shows adn in 2006 they recorded their selftitled album (tracks 10-19). The band stayed together and played a couple of liveshows but never recorded anything new. The band split up in 2009.

Since i am a huge music-nerd i love these sort of records compiling the big recordings, something many bands have started doing lately and last year we had both Squiggy, The outsiders and Immoral discipline releasing simulair records. Brings information and fills the gaps and is something that a normal "greatest hits" record could never do.

So what do we have here exactly? A female-fronted punkband with elements of screamo crustieness ey? Hate both things so imagine my surprise when i first heard the band and actually bloody loved it. What is even more strange is that it's the screamo parts that i enjoy the most.

First thing that struck me when listening to the album was the intense and catchy bassbeating on the songs made by Jaymi. I fucking love this girl. She does the backup singing to (or more of screaming) and sounds like a drunk beggarlady that we have in my hometown called Skrik-Åsa. Just like Skrik-Åsa she sounds completly mad and mentally instable but to be honest i would rather hang out and chare a beer with this two Aggro-Vator than Jenny Woo anyday.

The main vocalist Rhonda does a decent job to and doesnt fall into the same trap of retardednes as many female punk vocalists before her has done. She delivers and she does it dispite her genital handicap.

The bands ability of mixing in quite rhytmic sections among all the Jaymi-madness is something that you will notice allready on the second track. The track has some simple yet catchy guitarsparts provided by Brandon and its hard to hear that he only had one week of playing guitar in his resume when recording this.

As great as the band idea and sound might be it gets a bit tedious on the 20+tracks. This only showed that the band got better and more experimental in their later "carrer".

Best track on the record are Beauty in my twisted mind, Keep on stompin, We came for the beer (where Jaymi sounds like my friends 3-year old girl on an aggro sugar rush) and Fucked up situation.
9/10 (since it contains songs from real CD's i treat it like a real release and grade it)

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