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söndag 15 januari 2012

Blue collar criminals - Kindred spirits & unheard cries CD (2008)

01. Intro
02. A way of life
03. Aggravated assault
04. Just cant win
05. Carry on strong
06. No such thing
07. Walk of life (Dire straits cover)
08. Drunken phase
09. You made me
10. Working away
11. Just a love to true
12. Goodbye for now
13. Violence in our minds (Last resort cover)

Released by H8-Piece Records in 2008.

After the fall of Last laugh Mike and the guitarist started this band. Mike is still on vocals (wich is quite hard to miss), Chas and Max both play guitar, Juan plays bass and Jeff plays drums.

When this record was released i thought it was superb but after listening to it a couple of times it turns into more of a mess or atleast the broken pieces of various things that could have made a great album but not really put together in the best way.
The all-around sound is more than ok but somewhere on the line i just loose intrest in most of the songs. Most of the songs all sound the same wich is ok at most but then here and there some gems can be found. The song Aggravated assault is a good example of how great this band can sound when it's done right. The song has a catchy bassline some good guitar-spots and a catchy melody all mixed in with a great chorus and cliché but fun lyrics. The song No such thing is a whole other story though. The highs and lows in the song feel as if they where arranged by a mongoloid. One of the longest verses (add on that Mike's monotone frogvoice) leading up to one of the most forced singalong choruses i have ever heard. The lyrics are just childish and Mike almost raps in some parts of the song.... and dont get me started on the whole "yo-kid-muttafukka-lingo" that opens up the song.

Their cover on Dire straits song Walk of life is one of the best crossculture covers i have ever heard and for those who cant imagine that song working in a punk/oi kind of way really need to download the album and take a listen. (Duck and cover Vol.2 just found its opening track)
The record can be bought at:

4 kommentarer:

  1. haha i like No Such Thing, minus the retarded intro. the rest of the album is okay at best. the styles they touch on (hardcore and oi) they play both in a mediocre way and it all comes out meshed together and very bland. i can only listen to this album if i'm doing something where I just need background noise.

  2. I can't for the life of me understand the chorus of No Such Thing. Can you help me out. "no such thing as a....."

    And yeah every time this sing comes on shuffle I think it's Blood For Blood.

    1. I aint got a clue either but as i look through the CD-booklet i can read that the chorus is as followed "there is no such thing as a fucking ethics" must be a typo or the members really need to study their grammar.

  3. ''there's no such thing as a thug with ethics.'' ever hear of Bricktop? from the same state - just as hyped and just as bad. must be something in the water.