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måndag 23 januari 2012

Killroy - Football chants & angry rants CD (2006)

01. Fighting in the stands
02. Rush the door
03. D-generation
04. 99 bottles
05. So what?
06. Here we go
07. Last resort
08. Late again
09. Heads kicked in
10. Out of control
11. Gas mask
12. Say it with soul
13. Al's favourite song
14. Bad man (Cockney rejects cover)
15. West end kids

Released by Mental Records in 2006.

The comback after more than 20 years of silence near to completly original lineup with the addition of a new drummer named Gene Trautman. Even if most songs on the record are from old releases they have all been remade for this release.

I cant really shit on this release just because it isnt as good as their old stuff. Take in to consideration that the members have 20 more years under the belt and might not sound that current in the 00's. A lot of my old favourites are here and even if they might not be as good as the old versions songs like D-generation and Gas mask still packs a heavy punch of oldschool punkrock. New tracks like Out of control and Rush the door might both sound a bit to friendly to classify as anything else than streetpunk but are still great songs. And on to the not so good things with the cd....

Their Sham 69 tribute (or steal) called Heads kicked in is nothing but a bunch of old guys trying to make Oi! like it used to sound, having a gangchanting chorus going "Gonna kick their fucking heads in" requires atleast a bit of aggro from the vocalist side. The whole song is a rip-off (or tribute to) Borstal breakout but just doesnt sound good in any way.
The price of turdiest song must go to the "icehockey fightsongsounding" song Here we go. Words cant describe how awefull it is and has to be heard to understand.

All in all its nice to see a classic band like this get together but during their years of producing porn it just seems as if something got lost on the way.
The record can be bought at most big recordcompanies like Amazon and CD universe. Just google and you cant miss it.

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