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onsdag 18 januari 2012

Everybody poops (Bill McFadden) - Random songs

01. Never run
02. Hanging up
03. Rikki Rae

Thanks to Allen Brewer for sending the songs.

Bill McFadden from Beltones and Pink Panzer's latest project before restarting the Beltones. None of the songs ever got released and it all seems like a way for Bill to do what he does best, namely making music and doing shows. Thought it would be cool to upload these songs since his old band is back and playing and hopefully recording some new stuff anytime now.

Just like anything else Bill has been in this is amazing and it still seems like he creates songs for me (i know it sounds emo but thats just how it is). Basicly the only artist who can create lovesongs that means anything (Rikki Rae), still to this day he is one of my top 3 vocalists and songwriters.

6 kommentarer:

  1. Off with their heads covered Never Run on the discharge split, and Rikki Rae on zine comp. Bill helped them out.


  2. soo good thanks for uploading

  3. Yes thanks for putting these up, they are awesome. I heard the OWTH version of Never Run and it just doesn't do it justice. McFadden's vocal delivery easily accounts for %50 of what makes The Beltones so good. You should also post "Come Back" off the BYO comp, it is a little less known but definitely worthwhile.
    Nice site by the way, been following for a while now.

  4. does anyone know where I can get the Come Back Track?


  5. Could you re-up these? Cheers!

    1. No. Read the text under the site-logo