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tisdag 24 januari 2012

Waiting for better days

After the recent federal takedown of Megaupload over 15 other uploadingsites has either been taken down or have disabled themselfs to avoid lawsuits. I had half of my albums posted on these sites (mainly Megaupload, Wu-upload and Filesonic) and i think most of them are lost forever.
Both Rapidshare and Mediafire are still up and remain unaffected by recent events but for how long? I will simply wait and see what happens or wait for an alternative site that is 100% secure from government involvment (i have heard that the hackers in Anonymous are working on a site like this as an answer to the whole Megaupload event).
Why? I simply dont want to re-upload the albums every single week because the site i used got shut down.

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  1. You're right Bernando. And I'm glad I've downloaded the intire blog a few months ago.

  2. LIke Napster, Megaupload will most likely prevail on some level. The interesting thing here, which can kill Megaupload and "I changed my last name 'cause I'm an idiot" Dotcom, is the money laundering charges. That is the unique wrinkle here and wouldn't be there unless either was evidence pointing towards laundering activities. If there is evidence of money laundering, then Megaupload & Dotcom will go down in flames.

    Megauploads biggest mistake was placing its servers in the US, exposed it to US jurisdiction. If they were all located outside the US, then our govt would've had no power to kill the service. My guess is that they also failed to remove (or ignore) copyright infringement that they were notified about. Megaupload, like almost all the major file sharing services, have agreements with the RIAA and MPA saying they will take down anything that is reported to them as being a copyright violation. Fucking morons.

    All said, I freely download your stuff and others stuff from elsewhere. THis stuff will happen, but if/when it becomes flagrant people will look to stop it. As my grandmother used to say, the nail that sticks up get hammered down. [Not something I prescribe to, but it is reality.]

    - thedeadcomedian

  3. Torrents can be a could idea if you're willing to keep the files in your computer.

  4. I guess that Megaupload and so on are the new most evil enemies of the free world today, I mean look at all the federal activities around the globe... the new messangers and bringers of evil and danger... It's nothing more than ridiculous bullshit and a big bunch of crap!!!
    - Manslaughter Andy

  5. Yes, best to chill. That is too much work. We'll be back in business one way or another, but it might take a while. And, seriously, how much of the shit we post is copyrighted? This whole thing is a nuisance. The stolen stuff that has these corporations all hot and bothered is garbage I wouldn't watch or listen to if they gave it to me for free.

  6. Maybe a bunch of us could just get a server (in Sweden with their relaxed copywrite laws) for $100-$200 a month. If you get the top 10 oi/ streetpunk uploaders (you, me, JAYIRC, gloryRAC, gloryoi!,todoscontratodos (MIA),...) it could be quite the database.

    Just an idea that I would lay down some $$ for.

  7. That is actually not a bad idea. Though any legal issues would be directed towards us wouldnt it?

  8. With the artists we host, It would probably end at taking it down. Especially since most things are OOP and the only people making money are re-selling stuff at collector prices.

  9. It's not a bad idea. Got any idea who one contacts to rent there spaces?

  10. I had all my vinyl on mediafire and all is gone now. I have re-upped some vinyl to find it gone the next day.