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lördag 7 januari 2012

Maddog surrender - Bethlehem steel CD (2008)

01. Gangbusters
02. Miss dishonesty
03. Nosebleed
04. Slow me down
05. Viva tradition
06. The butcher
07. Sober living
08. Anthem
09. Union strike
10. Something's gotta give
11. Going out in style
12. War machine
13. Not my problem
14. Going down the bar (The wretched ones cover)
The following track was only on their 2010 re-release
15. Fuck 'em up (After the fire cover)

Released by Neck Records in 2008 and later re-released with proper artwork by 4Subculture Records in 2010.

A great record from one of my favourite 00's American Oi! bands. I got their 2008 version sent to me by Neck Records and later bought the re-release so both versions artwork is featured in the download. The re-release is also the reason why i waited with uploading it until now.

It might seem a bit ridiculous that a band of this caliber that has been around since 1999 dont get a proper full-length until 2008 but i guess thats how it often goes.

For those only familuar with the bands old EP's the sound is pretty much the same even if some members fell of on the way. Brent's brutal vocals still intact though. They deliver a slow and rhytmic Oi! with quite many European influences (mainly British) and i can even hear simularitys to later Swedish bands on some tracks. Most songs are about drinking (Going out in style, Going down the bar, Sober living) and they also have a couple of "scenesongs" (Viva tradition, Anthem) but the song that caught me the most is their version of Dutch band After the fire's song. The original was good but i didnt think any of the bands in US liked this "one-ep wonder" enough to do a cover of the song let alone make it even better than the original.

Singalong friendly album of the highest quality by a band that deserve more respect than they have today.
The album is still up for purchase at:
4Subculture records
Dim Records
Pure impact
United riot
Bandworm Records
Rebellion shop
Step-1 Records
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  2. Thanks so much for posting this! I had no idea how amazing this album was.