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fredag 6 januari 2012

Deadscene - We are the wardogs CD (2010)

01. Timebomb
02. System breakout
03. Never again
04. Ultraviolence
05. Chelloveck one
06. Deadscene forever
07. Force of nature
08. The poor tax
09. It's all for skinhead rock & roll
10. She loves the violence
11. Suits & boots
12. The droog
13. Vengeance
14. We want freedom
15. System breakout (Live 1994)
16. CDMFSOB (Bad posture cover Live 1994)

Released by Skinhead Records in 2010 (not the British label).

A sharp-band from Chicago that supposedly has been around for atleast 16 years now but still i dont know a single soul who has ever heard about them except me. This makes it quite hard to make a bandinfo based on that.

The record was released and recorded by Natassja from Bleach battalion and has that echoing feeling that works so well for her band. It works anything but fine for this band though and the whole record leaves a bad feeling that might explain why no one has ever heard of the band during their 15 year career. Some songs reminded me about old NY bands but only in the way that the NY bands like Oxblood did it soooo much better.
I love underground bands with a dirty sound and some of the bands i review demo's from dont sound much better than this stuff but the only differance is that these bands have been together for about 2 years and they release demo's not fullprice CD's.
I think it's the singer that really gets to me and all the "droogy clockwork orange" bullshit and screamocrap stuff aside it's his complete lack of skills that makes me pissed when listening to this recording (serously listen to track number 13 and tell me you dont want to shut him up).

I dont go out hard towards punkbands anymore since i cant even ride on a small horse let alone a high one. Dont want to hurt anyones feelings or talk shit about any band but:
The record was recorded in 2010 by people that has been playing since 1994. This means that they must be atleast 35 something years old and if nobody in even the underground scene knows you i think its time to throw in the towel or atleast take some time to play punk properly.

Download the album and see for yourselfs what i mean. The score is increased one additional point for the advanced and artisticly creative album-cover though.
Since skinheadrecords.net was hijacked by some anonymous hacker and since it was the only place that sold this album you money is forever saved unlike mine.

7 kommentarer:

  1. Sounds like shit

  2. This is the biggest pile of shit i've ever heard!

  3. Started in the Chicago skinhead scene in 1986. Never heard of 'em.

  4. You are a real piece of work. Your Nazi/Woman Hating Attitude just oozes out here. This all is you harrassing someone you tried to be friendly to at first in order to get free shit.

    You my friend are a Sexist Jerk.

    And that CD is a crap recording agreed, Wheres your band? And why do you care what is going on in an otherwise underground scene in Chicago?? Other than the fact that you are a Nazi, And a troublemaker who hides behind the keyboard.

    Plain and Simple. Just quit with the fucking Charade and quit calling out Natasha just because she was a prominent member of the ARA/AFA here in the 90's or do you just get a kick out of talking shit to girls?

    I hope one of our friends in Sweden reads this and whoops your stupid Skiteating ass.
    Maybe the ones that Put out our 7' from there. But you wouldnt know anything about that, its not like you are a credible journalist or anything.

  5. Haha. Yeah. Believe me Bleach Battalion have a huge following here. Get over it i was the only one that carred about you years ago and still am.
    Dont care what background the cunt has since she changes it as oftena s her socks. All i know is that i hate women and jews and she is the perfect target.
    Sieg heil mofos

  6. Kan du ladda upp plattan igen Bernhard? Det verkar som om pojkarna skäms över sin musik och inte vill att vi ska ladda ner den

  7. I'm from Chicago and know one of the members. He later started walking around with makeup and recorded gay gothmusic. Band is a joke and should not have a place on this site.