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onsdag 28 december 2011

Blockhead and the 454's - Demo CD (2004)

01. Lower class
02. One night
03. Am i crazy
04. Those days
05. DFL
06. Don't you scream
07. Hellbound hotrod
08. Society's slave
09. Liar
10. Poser
11. Hooty hoo raise hell
12. Ballad

Thanks to Brandon from the band for sending me this.

A band from North Carolina that started sometime around 2003. The band was only around for about a year and these are the songs they recorded during that year.
The band had an underground all-star lineup with Brit from The Hooliganz on vocals, Brandon from ATF & Aggro-vators on bass, Luke from ATF, Vanguard, Aggro-vators & The Hooliganz on drums and some guy named Tim on guitar.

The sound is basicly the same Oi!/hardcore sound as The Hooliganz had but with some garage/rock'n'roll influenses thrown in for good measures. They played some shows with local friends Beatdowns (members would later play with Luke in Vanguard) and HC band 25 Ta Life.
After the band dispursed in 2004 Brandon joined Luke in a band called Aggro-Vators (that i will get to next on ther site)

A quite divided sound i must say since i absolutely hate most of the songs but love the rest. Not in any way as good as previously named projects and bands with the members in them but not all i bad here since a lot of them show some great potential.
The first song called Lower class is great and probably the most "skinheadish" and reminds me a lot about The Hooliganz.
Hellbound hotrod
is some sort of a garagerockin frenzy that sounds like a late night at the pub, it's far from pretty but i find myself comming back to it over and over again.
Liar is probably the best song on the record but thanks to Brit i cant hear a single lyric. maybe it's just me being Swedish i dont know.
Ending the record is Ballad a song that for some reason reminds me about early Close shave. You just have to love a song with a chorus about farmerboys fighting with switchblades.

If you are like me and get allergic reactions to anything containing hotrods and "lucky 13" dont be turned of by the coverart. Tere are some really good songs on here that never got released back in the days.

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