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söndag 4 december 2011

The dead end boys - Six year hangover CD + 2 unreleased songs (2006)

01. I dont like you
02. Theme song
03. Wanna be
04. Boys in the city
05. Coppers
06. Baltimore blues
07. Drunk and disorderly
08. Fencewalker
09. Whoa song
10. Just another fucking day
11. Fuck your politics
12. Pride no shame
13. Fight, fight, fight
14. Dead end land
15. Trained to kill (Live at CBGB's)
16. Too much trouble
17. Razors in the night (Blitz cover)
18. Coming home
19. Blame me (not on actual CD)
20. Punx and skins (not on actual CD)

Released by Get Sorted Records in 2006.

Sort of a greatest hits record summing up the six years the group where active. Since they released their best songs on the EP i previously uploaded this record comes of as quite weak to be honest.
More of their conform or die attitude towards politics and more OiOiOi chants mixed in with hardcore influenced musical tunes but this time it's not as solid and the record could easily been shorted down to half the length it is now.
The two tracks i added where never released by the band but where up for download online around the time of this CD's release so i added them as a bonus.

Best new songs are Comming home to you that is as close at a ballad as this band will probably make and the bonussong called Punx and skins.
I think all physical copies have been sold out for some time now but it's still up at various I-tunesish sites for a small amount of cash.

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  1. Could you please upload any dead end boys' music to rapidshare?
    All mediafire links are broken.