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lördag 17 december 2011

Major disappointment - Selftitled CD (2010)

01. Get fucked
02. One of those days
03. Let's start a riot
04. Rerun
05. We dont need you
06. Daily news
07. End of the line
08. We're all gonna die
09. Charges pending
10. It is what it is
11. Your scene sucks
12. No apologies made

Selfreleased through TFB Productions in 2010.

A bit of a new album to be uploaded but it is all done with the approval from the band. Thanks for sharing. Oh and sorry for the messed up focus on the photos, my girl traveled over the weekend and left me home alone with my crappy camera from 2002 something.

As i mentioned before this band really reminds me about Squiggy in many ways but also has some pinches of Empire falls and The Infiltrators. The result is a hightempoed and nonstopping sort of Oi!core that actually works best when they keep it simple.
The majority of the songs have really good and sometimes quite fun lyrics, a good example of that is the opening track that celebrates the nondeveloping Oi! scene with lyrics like "You say that were outdated and it's all been done before/Well get ready to be disappointed, were gonna do it some more". Also using words like "prettyboy fucks" (or did i hear that wrong) in the same song mixed in with some slappin drums and a nonstop snare and the band has me locked from the start.

All is not well in MD-ville though and the song Charges pending is a good example of that. A song that completly misses a chorus and seems almost painfull to sing for Bondo. Also adding a highpitched lalalala singalong part and some awkward Oi! Oi! chants in the end doesnt help the song in any way.

Though skipping past tracks like that and focusing on the more simple songs i must say this record is pretty fucking awesome. Listening to the songs recorded after this release i can say that i feel really psyched over their new release.
Personal favourites are No apologies made, Get fucked and We dont need you (Squiggy anyone).
The record can and should be bought at Pure impact

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  1. a new acquaintance but a positive one. thanks