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måndag 12 december 2011

V/A - The spirit of Oi! American style LP (1989)

01. New glory - Sarge
02. The mad hatters - Black hat
03. The mad hatters - Cold eyes
04. Immoral discipline - Your life is a lie
05. Immoral discipline - Big mouth
06. The allegiance - Retaliation
07. The allegiance - Rough justice
08. Forced reality - Remember the day
09. Arresting officers - Deserve to die
10. Arresting officers - Changing of the guard
11. The uprise - Around the world
12. The uprise - Media fool
13. Best defence - American & proud
14. Best defence - Lost now found
15. Best defence - We'll smash you

Released by Oi!core Records in 1989.

First of all take note that THIS is the real deal and has nothing to do with the two CD bootlegs that where released after them and featured bands like Warzone etc on them.
Secondly i would like to thank Joseph Gerlitzki (who also played in one of the bands on the comp) for the rip and scanning of some sick quality (the LP is uploaded in a 170mb file).

It wouldnt even matter if the music on the album was shit since the cover is well worth a 10/10 alone but that is not the deal here. The US of Oi!, Armed with the truth and Backstreets of American Oi! in all their glory basicly only copied this grandfather of exceptional US Oi! collections.

Setting the standard for something that was hard to find in the states at this time namely true unpolished Oi!.
The record was even so good that it managed to push out two great Mad Hatters songs. As impossible this might sound it's actually true and both of their songs are some of the best on the whole record and far from the sound that was on the mess called their LP.

Also songs that i never liked in the first place gets a whole new light thanks to the great soundquality on the record. For instance i never cared much for Retaliation by The allegiance or American & proud by Best defence but listening to those songs here i love them both.

Forced reality is a band that i havnt gotten to on this site but i plan on dealing with them in 2012. As most of their songs Remember the day doesnt stand out in any way but is still of high quality.

Even though so called RAC bands like Arresting officers and New glory appear on the LP and some lyrics in some songs can be offensive to "faggets" and "commies" i wouldnt call it a RAC/Oi! record. This record just like the other comps i mentioned before defines what US Oi! is.
Only persons that seemed to have a problem with the lack of political correctnes on the record where Immoral discipline who claim they where "tricked" into appearing on it. A fan of the band but to me it seems like being tricked into winning on the lottery so stop bitching allready.

The size of the download is well worth it. Just like many of the bands on it this LP is one of the reasons i fell in love with something as wierd as American Oi!. Classic!

8 kommentarer:

  1. holy dog shit! i can't stop listening to it!!

  2. One of the best U.S oi lps
    thanks for this

  3. surprised skinpride didn't nick this from you yet. quite good album, by the way

  4. Bought this when it came out and was actually spinning this a couple weeks ago for some reason. Totally took this stuff for granted at the time, but nothing has touched this stuff since. Now they sing about beer. Didn't know this one was hard to come by--seems like I used to see it everywhere.

  5. What a coincidence i have been screaming about beerball night long... but now ineed ton sleep

  6. Are those really the same Best Defense recordings as those that appear on the 'Six Gun Justice' album? They sound different here. Better.

    Different mix? Different versions? I'm not sure. Or maybe the mastering on the Six Gun CD/LP is just rubbish?

    1. The whole LP is of sick quality and i am with you on that one. The whole Six gun CD is a bit low on sound.