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måndag 26 december 2011

2011 made me hate people.

Time for this years summary and just like last years it's more like rantings from a Swedish nerd than anything of any musical depth and value.

¤Best 2011 American release:

The traditional – Steeltown anthems CD

Sometimes better, sometimes worse but never bad. Long runners that are yet to disappoint me. New vocalist brings new life to old songs and some great new ones.

¤Best non-American release in 2011:

Control – Punk rock ruined my life

With so many great UK releases this year from legends like Condemned 84 I expect nothing less than death threats and hate mails (not that anyone cares) when naming Control here. A band that doesn’t try to be unnecessarily hard or in your face but still has that edge to it. Punk rock ruined my life has many sides and I actually liked them all. They even made a musicvideo basicly the worst song on the record but still a video.

¤Worst 2011 release overall:

Razorblade – Gegen die masse

As most of the world now understands and Bandworm Records free magazine is a constant reminder of Netherlands and Germany has now become the international joke when it comes to Oi! (well some of us saw it coming years ago). Being the new breeding ground for PC-fascism, bad taste, bad fashionsense and overall bad punk. What annoys me most is that both the band and their homelands scene was one of my favorites back in the mid 00’s. This album is just complete horeshit from start to finish and I can’t see anyone not familiar with the native tongue ever liking this.

¤Most disappointing album of 2011:

Jenny Woo – Alberta Rose CD

I expected some kind of awesome female Badlands sounding extravaganza but all I got was a huge pile of something soso ok that reminded me more about Dolly Parton if she would have been a tradskin with a preachy dad from Canada. Great looking and great sounding girl but it just didn’t deliver what I expected it would have. Maybe next time?

¤Best new act of 2011:

Not a single new US act worth mentioning this year. But with Stormwatch, First strike, Anti-heros, The beltones etc etc reuniting who the hell needs new bands.

¤This year’s happening:

Condemned 84 being taken of a US show because some German commie told the promoters they should. St George should come down and gutter you fucks for not respecting history. Take your t-shirt store and shove it up yo….

¤My guilty pleasure in 2011:

Oi is the passion but we all listen to something on the side and if 2009 was my garage rock/surf year (Reverend Beat-man, The monsters) and 2010 was the 60’s Italian-American boy bands era (Del Shannon, Dion & The Belmont’s) this year was my new wave year when I picked up old vinyl’s with utterly shameful bands like The cure, Joy division, Gang of four, Cortex and The boys next door from my old dusty record corner.

¤This year’s positive trend:

All the people contributing to the site knowing how important an US discography site is. Keep sending in demo's and records i could never have found on my own.

¤This year’s negative trend:

Spunk mouths like this retard pointing out what is ok and what is not. The more they yell the prouder I feel about being a “fence walker”.

¤This year’s addition to my shitlist:

The last year’s winner of this award actually turned out to be a quite nice guy when we both understood that it was all a huge misunderstanding and went skipping into the sunset hand in hand.

This year I have been flanked on YouTube by some girl who thought I was making money of her music and also on the site by some fat retarded man who was cheated by his record company and took it out on me. Was also healthy pissed at the promoters who banned Condemned 84. Not mentioning all the promoters and labels trying to weed out free speech from an underground multi-political scene.

Bottom line there are just too many to choose from and I don’t want to drag anyone’s name in the dirt so I will keep it all locked up inside and probably take it out on my girl when she comes back from the hospital.

The random best of 2011:

Christmas gift: My girl buying me Joy division's "Closer" Lp in plastered mint condition.

Book: Destroy all movies by Zack Carlsson. 556 pages featuring info and pictures of every single skinhead and punk (mainly cyberpunks) ever featured in a movie since the 70's to present day.

Movie: The action/drama "Drive". Bringing vigilante action to a whole new level.

Nerdy confession: I watched every single episode of the new tv-show Game of thrones.... twice.

14 kommentarer:

  1. Bernando, gotta say that I share your nerdy confession hhaha I'm reading the books now (shame)

  2. Can't say all the "Worst Of" choices would be mine, but about the negative trend, 100%.

  3. Biggest turd of the year for 2011: Turdnardo. Time to hop on a plane to Sweden, find your ass and beat you to a bloody pulp. Guess what the best beat-down of 2012 would be?

  4. What an asshole. My adress and phonenumbers are easy to find. But who should i look out for?

  5. You'll find out soon enough, bitch!

  6. Jenny Woo sucks. I used to think there needed to be more girls playing skinhead music, but that acoustic nonsense changed my mind in half a second.
    I'd rather listen to Nazi Skinbyrd shit like Romantic Violence or Tara(another Canadian with questionable talent), and that's saying something.....

  7. Hi,

    a)Who's that commie & what t-Shirt store do you mean? I'm not into facebook & stuff so i missed the whole story.
    b)I also don't like the razorblade album. It's not the language, it's the rockish/Metal sound.
    And most people like exactly that sound.
    In Germany there are mainly two diseases in the Oi! Scene, first is the Metal/Rock Edge in most Bands, "thanks" also to late Onkelz stuff which i also don't like, and than there's the fucked up politics, but i don't want to go too far into it, just one thing:
    The only person which I'm responsable for what i do and what not is ME, or maybe also my family, and nobody else.
    Jenny Woo sucks, cute girl, the voice is not bad, but that's all, the rest is for the garbage can

    cheers, chrs

  8. Hi Chris
    The whole sad story can be found here.
    Whats even more sad than Condemned 84 being kicked out is how fast "the scene" accepted the choice of kicking them of. In the end ann yone even questioning the gigpromoters choice where pinted out as destroyers of "the scene" and blamed with creating drama.

  9. http://www.mad-tourbooking.de/pages/bands.html

    Here is the "the commies" homepage and the bands that is on his bookinglist. The only thing i feel i can do is boycotting every single band that has any association with them. Basicly give them back with the same medicine.....oh and what do i see if not Old firm casuals on their rooster :)

  10. Don't forget, Templars are supporters of fascism this year. Because "they" said so.

  11. I think this whole madness started here in Germany a year or two ago. Basically Some anonymous AFA warriors on the internet decide about the so-called "greyzone":
    Band x played with band y (that has a former member of band z in it) -> greyzone
    10 years ago the singer of band a had a photo taken with member of band b -> greyzone
    For that matter, quite a few bands on that site Bernando posted are proclaimed to be grayzone too.

  12. Its also funny how Roddy put the split between 7er Jungs(German) and The Oppressed. 7er Jungs are hated in Germany by Antifa.

  13. Very good retrospection of 2011... and damn it, I need to have the cuurent The Traditionals album!!! Gonna buy it finally soon; England was very strong going, to my big suprise, many very good Oi! albums had been released in 2011, but even maybe some guys won't agree I would also say that Control really released a pretty unique monster of an album that's worth being named here by you. To PC-Fascism and the left unning virtaul amok over here in Germany...
    ... you are damn right, sadly enough:
    As well as the (far) right dickheads over here in Germoney are nothing but nutjobs (talking about the far right idiots with their smart blood and soil phantasies and so on), you have to admit that the (far) left wingers are sticking their noses in everything and defaming and attacking everyone who's not totally on the same page as they are, and if you're not on their page for them you are nothing but a nazi-sympathizer or a through and through Nazi. Don't know if it is in the "rest of the world" the same, but here it's really incredible stupid and nearly totally ridiculous. Look at bullshit sites like "Oire Szene"... Stomper 98, Krawallbrüder, Volxsturm, Control, Brassic, Condemned 84, On File, Templars, the whole NYHC scene, Slapshot, Stars & Stripes, etc. etc. are nothing but more or less "pure" fascist dickheads... what a bunch of crap!!! I guess that in Germany you have lost right from the start if you're playing Oi! (or Streetpunk or Hardcore) music and not shaking hands with Loikaemie or the Stage Bottles...
    To Razorblade and their 2011 album: I love this band and them as well as most parts of the whole dutch Oi! and Streetpunk (and Hardcore) scene are my european favorites when it's about Oi! and so on and I also really loved their first 7'' sung in german... but this album is just a damn bad sell out joke and hopefully a follow up release will never ever see the light of the day. Would be nice if "Bandworm Records" could finally go back to releasing good and strong and promising bands and albums instead of making and releasing such bullshit, period.
    - Manslaughter Andy