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måndag 5 december 2011

The system - Songs from 29 Commandments of Oi! comp CD (1994)

01. Urban riot
02. Life & times
03. Red eye morning
04. What about us?
05. 5 years
06. Who drank all my beer?

Songs taken from a compilation album released by Step-1 Music in 1994.

This band where frequently featured on compilation albums throughout the 90's but this comp sort of summarised all those songs on one CD. The rest of the album is chamefully awefull so i wont go through the trouble to upload the songs by the other bands... after all this is US of Oi! not US of World.

The system was a shortlived band from New Hampshire and to be honest there aint all that much to talk about.
The band was created in early 90's by Scott Vierra from The bruisers on guitar, Greg Haley on vocals, John Hobbs on bass and Jason Lara on drums. They only released one proper EP in 1995 that i will upload after these songs.

The first time i heard the band was on the infamous Backstreets Of American Oi! comp from 1998 and the song they had there is also featured here, namely Life & times. A great song that grows on you and as many times that i have listened to Backstreets Of American Oi! it has grown into enormous proportions. I never liked the EP they released but most of these songs are quite superb with their "post-cruisin for a bruisin-bruisers sound".

7 kommentarer:

  1. formed in december 1992 , recording 12/07/1993 the songs come from the "Urban riot" tape released on sonic aggression records, the line up was Greg Haley on vocals , Scott Vieira on guitare , Rob Ulrich on guitare , John Hobbs on bass and Jason Lara on drums

  2. Why repeat what i just wrote?

  3. just for informations you forget : Rob Ulrich on guitar and the songs come from the "Urban riot" tape , and it's just for more informations , sorry I didn't know you're GOD ! baltringue....

  4. No... the songs are from 29 commitments of Oi!. I know because i ripped them from that record. Dont be anonymous and a cunt at the same time.

  5. ok , ok I've got this record too , but it's not important , you're God , it's ok , no problems , and I can be all I want at any time , good continuations , cheers.

  6. Ok. I'm the drummer Jay. The songs on the 29 commandments are from two seperate recordings both done at Bobcat studios in New Hampshire. Rob Ulrich played on both of those recordings but did not play on the Urban Riot cassette. Some of the songsfrom Urban Riot were re-recorded for the step one release others were new. The only Eps and comps that we knowingly put out were- Urban Riot,US of Oi! vol 2, Oi! the Gathering ( taken from a live show in NYC) 29 commandments,the American Oi! American Pride 7" in france and the Last Stop 7". Everything else was after we broke up.

  7. any chance for this to be reupped?