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torsdag 22 december 2011

V/A - Cashing in on christmas CD (1996)

01. Wretched ones - The christmas song
02. Headwound - Merry christmas, i fucked your snowman
03. Limecell - Christmas
04. Jumpin' landmines - Santa's suspect
05. Stuntmen - Shopping center santa
06. Showcase showdown - Ho ho ho chimihn
07. Timebomb 77 - Snowman
08. Thorazine - Merry stupid fucking christmas
09. Lower class brats - The drinking song
10. Bomb squadron - Run run Rudolf
11. Dead end cruisers - Father christmas
12. Stocks and bombs - Cashing in on christmas

Released by Black Hole Records in 1996.

This is the worst and cheesiest bullshit i have ever imported from overseas. It personifies bad humor, bad taste and bad musicianship. Naming a song Merry christmas, i fucked your snowman is something i might have thought funny when i was 8 years old... maybe i am just getting to old for this sort of music.

You should check out Bomb squadrons song if you download since its the only decent song on here. Gigglepunk for farmerkids with tribalshirts but nothing for me.

Anyway happy Yuletide to you all.

4 kommentarer:

  1. And a merry christmas to you. The link you have for this is actually a link for the Container 69 ep.


    Brian Guy

  2. Yes!! Please we want this shit right now!!!!!! I want to hear Limecell´s Christmas cover!!!!

  3. The link has gone, please can you re upload it.