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torsdag 12 augusti 2010

Various artists - East coast Oi! attack Vol.One 7'' (2010)

01. Vanguard - Die with my boots on

02. The hooliganz - ICJ4
03. On trial - Subculture kids

04. Maddog surrender - Ms. Dishonesty

Released by Boots n' booze Records in 2010.

Just like Neck records this is a label working for the artists and not the profit. I never upload anything this new unless i have permission so show some respect and buy this album i promise you wont regret having this in your collection.

First band out is Vanguard that delivers an all exclusive track called Die with my boots on. Those who have read my blogg for a while know all the praise i have given this band and this new song is all in the same standard as their old. One can guess the theme of the song from the title. Its a skinhead anthem about taking it to the streets with good drums, vocals all in that slow hardhitting tempo that US Oi! is known for.

Second band out is Ross and Luke from Vanguard's second band called The hooliganz. Their song is not bad but its the weakest track on the record and i cant get by the fact that their singer is named Britt (its an old lady name here in Sweden haha). I look forward to seing a release with these guys though since i have only heard a couple of demo songs exept for this track.

Third band out and delivering the best song on the compilation is On trial. Before this release i had never heard them before and thinking it was a new band i found out they had actually released 3 records (homemade and sold through myspace but anyway). I will try to give you all some more with these guys but they never seem to get their thumb out the ass and actually deliver me the cd's i want.
Anyway their song is brutally good and i can hear some Templars influences as well as some parts borrowed by Agent bulldog (dont know if it was deliberately or not but it worked).

Last band is another of my favourites. Maddog surrender delivers a song that is featured on their full lenght. Like always with this band its very singalong friendly with a good melody. To my knowledge the only track that isnt new for this compilation.

A "soon to be" classic compilation serie that has understood the value of promoting unknown bands and releasing exclusive songs.
Now all i can do is wait for volume 2 and those records that On trial never seems to send.

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