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torsdag 26 augusti 2010

Riotgun & Brassknuckle boys - With friends like these... 7'' (2002)

01. Brassknuckle boys - Until that brother dies
02. Brassknuckle boys - Thousands are sailing (Pogues cover)
03. Riotgun - Glory
04. Riotgun - Missinformation

Released by Haunted town Records in 2002.

Riotgun is here teaming up with one of my favourite American bands so there is not much that can go wrong. Brassknuckle boys is a band that i guess most of you already know about and i will get to this band in the future.
The release was made as a sort of a 9/11 deidcation but the songs has nothing to do with that event.
Brassknuckle delivers one track from their full-length the year before called Until that brother dies that has a bit of a early Dropkick sound. Great track with very honest and truthfull lyrics. Second song was at the time of this release exclusive but was in 2006 released on a split with British Deadline. I often have a hard time with Irish influences in punk but this one is great and i have to admit i had never really given the song a chance before this cover.
Both of Riotguns songs are old but damn its a good selection.
This record is well worth getting at:
Dim records
Reckless records

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  1. Riotgun är grymt underskattade om man jämför med vilken topp dom håller på musiken