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tisdag 3 augusti 2010

Basement boys - Basement Oi! DEMO (2009)

01. Intro
02. Tower skins
03. It's endless
04. You're a saggy tit
05. A change is gonna come (Sam Cooke cover)
06. Outro

Selfreleased demo from last year.

A brand new band from Cleveland, Ohio. After playing the part of being the Oi! wasteland for many years there seems to be a whole new breed of great bands ready to change that fact. Rustbelt is back.

The band consists of Alex Kellar on vocals, Shaun and Greg on guitars, Anthony on bass and Eddy on drums. They play hard Oi! without trading in their humour for toughguy respect and their vocalist fits the genre perfect. First song Tower skins is a sort of love/hate song for their hometown/collegetown Cleveland. A great track and it sort of reminds me about Fatskins.
None of the tracks are bad but the only one that really got my attention is their Sam Cooke cover. As chaotic as it may sound its still soulfull like the original and im glad to see that there is a group hat has understood what making covers is all about. Most times you will find a halfass cover of some old tired skasong (Skinhead girl) or an attempt to make a cover of old british groups (Last resort, 4-skins or Combat 84) or even worse making an exact cover of some old HC band (Warzone, Agnostic front) and most oftenly making them sound exactly like the original only not as good. This band has taken an old classic song and made their own thing with it just like a good cover should be cause if i would have wanted to listen to Crucified or Violence in our minds i would have listened to the original song wouldnt i? My biggest dream is to once hear an Oi! cover of this song or maybe even a speeded version of this song haha (ok maybe not that last one).
I am looking forward to seing a real record by this band (Lars fredericksen here is your chance at making up for all your past mistakes)

4 kommentarer:

  1. This band actually sounds pretty good, thanx for the upload

  2. I cant get away from the thought that i have heard this singer before. Does anyone know anything?

  3. He's in a bunch of different bands. I know he was in a heavy Ramones-core band a few years back called Damn Handsome. I'm gonna be interviewing him soon, so you'll get the scoop as soon as I do.

  4. The interview, as promised: