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söndag 22 augusti 2010

Riotgun - Shortcuts to nowhere (2000)

01. You're right im wrong
02. Rollin' donuts
03. Just for Michelle
04. Moral liberation
05. Choice
06. Glory
07. A better nation
08. Face your lies
09. Gonnabe
10. Never follow
11. 4 bolt main
12. Barkesto
13. Crime
14. Riotgun.

Released by Psychotribe Records in 2000.

If your a collector like me you hate records like these since i often buy them without knowing i already had all the songs featured on it but to be honest this was the first release by the band i found and later got the other albums to complete the collection. If you never heard of the band before this is the record you should get since its a collection of their first cassette and their 7''s and also some songs from comp albums.

There isnt really much to say about this album since i reviewed the songs already but it is well worth download for the comp tracks and most songs on this cd are of better quality then the once i ripped from vinyl.
A good collection of hard streetpunk from 94-97.
This cd can still be found for sale at Riotguns own homepage for 8$ or at Gemm.com for the ripoff price of 40$ haha i know wich one i would buy.

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