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lördag 28 augusti 2010

Riotgun & Bullet treatment - Strength to endure (2002)

Riotguns side (Motörhead covers)
01. Ace of spades
02. Stay clean
03. (we are) The road crew
04. Iron fist
05. No class
06. Rock n roll
07. Killed by death
08. Sex and outrage
09. R.a.m.o.n.e.s.

Bullet treatments side (Ramones covers)
01. Havanna affair
02. Commando
03. Teenage labotomy
04. I don't wanna go down to the basement
05. Carbona not glue
06. I don't want you
07. Listen to my heart
08. Rockaway beach
09. Now i wanna be a good boy
10. You should have never opened that door
11. Go mental
12. Glad to see you
13. Today your love, tomorrow the world
14. We're a happy family
15. 53rd and 3rd

Released by Basement records in 2002.

Damn i hate this record........
Motörhead and Ramones are both classic bands and i understand that these bands have had a big influence on both Riotgun and BT but please leave them alone if your not planning to do something productive with their songs.
Riotgun walks away with some pride since they honor Motörhead with good musicianship and they also pick their better songs and actually sound almost as good as the original version at some points but why????? This is a tribute album and just copying the original artists is not a tribute in my world. Its an easy way to make easy money.
Bullet treatment on the other side is awefull and absolutely trashes the band we know as Ramones. I have listened to Ramones way before i was even into punk so i know most of their songs like the back of my hand and even so its hard to even decifer their songs from the noise that BT delivers. And where the hell ae classics like Beat on the brat, KKK tock my baby away, I wanna be sedated and Sheena is a punkrocker?
Do like i did, download this album and save your money for the upcomming release with Riotgun cause we all know that they can make good songs without copying old bands.

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