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torsdag 26 augusti 2010

Riotgun & Scaredycat - Split CD (2002)

Riotgun side:
01. Missinformation
02. Built to last
03. Don't wanna know
04. Too many mutha fuckahz
05. Reclaimed
06. Apology
07. Propaganda

Scaredycat side:
01. Where's the nearest Wall Mart?
02. Whatguy
03. Rambis
04. T Ball's big adventure
05. You're your biggest fan
06. One minute cleaning
07. Existentialist Shtomp
08. Relaxing at the mayfair
09. Hot pants!
10. Hoedown
11. Dark haven
12. Vault
13. How many times
14. Scaredycat
15. Ivy
16. Your kingdom will crumble

Released by Mad skull Records in 2002.

Atlast some time of from work and other pittyfull mortals to do some reviews.

First off all me doing this review isnt really fair since my view on punkbands like Scaredycat is nothing but neutral. Here we have a great streetpunkband that has a bandmember (T Ball) playing in a hardcore/punk/skatecore sideproject and that is all fine but why the hell do they have to go and do a split with them.
Riotguns side is all good and would have made a great 10'' or a Mini-CD. Some old tracks like the great Reclaimed and some good new one's like Misinformation and the To many mutha fuckahz (yoyo songtitle and popchorus aside) this record would have gotten a good review but then Scaredycat comes in and ruins it all.
Scaredycat delivers 16 tracks on this split but like most bands in this genre most songs are under 1 minute and doesnt even get started before it ends. The band seems more intrested in making "funny" songtitles then actually producing solid tracks. The band is not generic in any way though since one off their singers sounds like some old glamrock singer from the 80's and the band mixes everything from pure hardcore to some elements of 90's skatepunk but its basicly all noise to me. If i have to pick one song that is good its Rambis that is more melodic and a bit slower then the other tracks.
If your into Oi! or streetpunk then you will probably not like this one a bit.

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