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torsdag 19 augusti 2010

Riotgun - Brau (1995)

01. Choice
02. Barkesto
03. You're right (I'm wrong)
04. Just 4 Michelle
05. Glory
06. Moral liberation
07. Riotgun.
08. Gonnabe
09. Face your lies

Released on cassette tape by Psychotribe Recordz in 1995.

Thanks to Jay ICR for sending me this tape and also one of their splits from 2002.

The bands first "full-length" and on contrary what most would expect from a cassette by a band that only has released an EP before this one has some really good productions on it.
Starting of the record is a good track with awesome drums to back it up. The theme of the song is versatile and you can basicly choose what you want it to be about. If your a rebelious teen this song could be targeted at your parents, if you just broke up it might be a finger pointing at her or if you feel like if your a persecuted patriot or whatever this one might be for you.
Another good track is the one called Just 4 Michelle that basicly is a lovesong to Larry's wife. A nice theme that is not often seen in this uber-macho subculture.
My favourite one in the bunch is Glory and its a patriotic anthem with lyrics like "You dont like politics... oh well/if pride is a sin then send me to hell". Glad to see a "skinheadfree" band sticking up for their country.
As far as i know this one is nowhere to be bought. (I couldnt atleast)

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