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torsdag 12 augusti 2010

Interview with Doug Sloan.

Hello Doug. First of all thanks for taking the time to do this interview for my site. Could you present yourself and what you do to the readers.

I started the Boots and Booze Record label and put out East Coast Oi Attack Vol. 1 about six months ago featuring Vanguard, On Trial, The Hooligans and Maddog Surrender. Currently I am looking to do several additional volumes to East Coast Oi Attack.

Where are you from and how is the scene there?

I'm from Washington DC. Currently there is not much of a scene but there are still a decent amount of skins. The younger generation hasn't taken up the culture and many of the older guys are too busy with work and starting families to hang out much. And then of course many people in the scene hate each other for silly reasons. There is also a lack of venues willing to put on oi shows and currently there are not any skinhead bands that are active in DC. Mostly the skinhead scene in DC is just the same old guys having cook outs and going to bars.

Being a smalltime labelthug doesnt pay the bill i guess. What do you do for a living?

I'm a superintendant for a construction company and involved in real estate. I can't say the label has really made any money but I have a distro as well and make a little extra drinking money off of that.

What made you decide to start the label Boots N' Booze?

I wanted to start a label because of the lack of American oi labels. I'm glad to see that European labels like Dim are willing to put out so many American bands but its kind of sad there's no labels to do it over here.

Boots N' Booze... is it inspired by the old song by Pressure point in any way?

No, unless it's a subconsious thing. I'm really not into Pressure Point at all. Sorry, guys.

I know its a DIY label but have any distro's or other labels helped you with the release in any way?

No other labels helped me with the production of ECOA but many labels have helped me with distribution such as United Riot, Dim, True Force, Bronze Fist and many more.

Is this your first "move in the subculture" or have you been active in anything else before. Zine's, band's, other labels?

I was in several lazy and unsuccessful punk and oi bands when I was younger but nothing worth mentioning.

On your first release East coast Oi! attack you feature 2 of my favourite Oi! bands Vanguard and Maddog surrender and also the excellent "up and comming" On trial. How did you get such good taste in punk ;)

I remember seeing Vanguard in Richmond Va. about five years ago and thought they were great. After that I went to see them in NC several times and became friendly with the members. When I decided to put out ECOA they were the first band I talked to. I have been listening to Maddog Surrender for years and they seemed like a natural choice to me. On Trial contacted me about getting on a release and when I listened to them they were surprisingly good. They are a hard working band and I think they have a bright future in the oi scene.

Will there ever be an Westcoast Oi! attack or even perhaps a group release instead of a compilation?

I wouldn't rule it out, but not anytime soon. Unless California develops more bands in the vein of Toughskins, The Revolt or Boot Party.

I understand you are planning a Vol.2 of the Eastcoast Oi! attack. Is the lineup complete or are you still searching for bands?

The line up isn't set in stone at this point but most likely First Strike and Offensive Weapon. The Iron City Hooligans might be on it, and maybe one more.

Could you name your alltime favourite American Oi! band?

If I had to pick just one I would say Best Defense. Some of my other favorite bands are The Anti-Hero's, Arresting Officers, Niblick Henbane, New Glory and The Templars.

Favourite European Oi! band?

That's hard because its so general but maybe Brutal Combat.

Whats your thought on:
There for sure are some good RAC bands but racism is completely ignorant and un-American.
A bunch of PC hippies.
¤Irish streetpunk disguised as Oi?
It's for frat boys and pre-teen pop punks.
¤Barack Obama?
A whole lot of hype.
¤The rapper callin himself Skinhead Rob?
Complete blasphemy. An abomination. He should be shot.
¤People like me doing a site about a country he doesnt even live in?
It's a great site, although I can't say I agree with all of the reviews. I guess you just have to be a Yankee to enjoy the vocals of bands like The Allegiance and The Siege.

This is probably the most important part of the interview. What do you know about the great, glorious, beautiful country called Sweden?

You guys are direct descendants of the Vikings so its definitely cool in my book. There are some great bands from Sweden as well.

The word is free.

I would like to thank all the record labels who have helped me and Grant Gang Up for all of his help and Mike H. (First Strike) for drawing the label logo

Thanks for taking the time.

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  2. What does Roy Erickson from Cali. have to do with me shit talker. -Doug Sloan

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