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fredag 20 augusti 2010

Riotgun - Return to ruin... 7'' (1997)

01. 4 bolt main
02. Crime?
03. Rollin' donuts
04. A better nation

Released by Final vinyl Records in 1997.

The group has adopted a little bit harder sound for this record (a bit more Oi! sounding atleast).
Just like their first EP this one would later be featured on their full-length cd in 2000 so basicly this is for all the hardknocks that would like to hear the songs through a vinyl rip.
They are now a 4-piece band and it might be a good explanaition to their somewhat different sound. Anyway 2 excellent and somewhat simulair sounding songs in 4 bolt main and A better nation.
I took photo of the inside sleeve so anyone looking for the lyrics to any of these songs its all included in the download.
This EP was only released in 250 handnumbred copies (my one being nr:195). They are sold out from all shops but i found a used copy for 10€ on Ebay if anyone is intrested.

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