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söndag 1 augusti 2010

Limecell & Hammerlock - Tribute to Venom 7'' (2002)

01. Hammerlock - Die hard
02. Limecell - Buried alive
03. Limecell - Live like an angel, die like a devil

Released by Baloney Shrapnel Records in 2002.

ATLAST!!!!! Many foreign orders and some hard searching around the globe my Limecell discography is now completed! There is probably some rare compilation album somewhere with a Limecell track i dont own but for now i am satisfied.

These tracks where all featured on the Mad Skull records Venom tribute release in 2004.

To be honest i have never been a big fan of Venom or bands like them but they have surelly been a big inspiration on a lot of bands that i like and that is clear when i hear Limecell's coversongs.

Hammerlock delivers an ok song that is close to the original but not really any good.
Limecell sounds as they always do. Mental and pissed. Buried alive is one of those typical "whispering" metal tracks by Venom but Limecell makes it rise up from its grave. Awesome drums and Kevin as pissed as always it just cant go wrong. Kicking it up a notch on the last song with blazing guitars and a heavy drumbeat they end up putting Venom to shame instead of making a tribute to them.
Great 7'' that was sold out years ago.

2 kommentarer:

  1. "my Limecell discography is now completed!" hmm I don't see the "Bloodthirsty Stalker" single uploaded anywhere :), but o.k. both songs from that 7" are on the "Destroy The Underground" album. Anyway thanks for the upload

  2. Hehe. I know about that one. Have heard it but dont own it and those songs on the 7'' where not as good qualitywise as the once on the cd.
    Thanks for the heads up though.