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onsdag 11 augusti 2010

Garage rats & Spat and the guttersnipes - Split 7'' (1998)

01. Garage rats - Fuck everybody
02. Garage rats - Human rats
03. Spat and the guttersnipes - I believe
04. Spat and the guttersnipes - You drive me crazy

Released by F.U.G. Records in 1998.

First of all some one should shoot the guy that recorded Garage rats songs for this split. I have never heard such bad recordings before and i could make it better with a single broken headphone reversed as a recordingdevice. Second guy that should be shot is the guy called Spat.... just download the record and take a look at the backcover and you'll know what i mean (the Misfit one).

That out of the way Garage rats actually has an ok trak thats tarts the split off. Only thing is that thed drums are none existent (they had a new drummer called Derrik at this point, dont know maybe he's made up) and the rest of the instruments are so distant one could think this is Stefan standing in the streets screaming outside a punkconcert. This is to garage even for me sorry.
Spat and the guttersnipes........ forget about it.
This EP is sold out from all distros i know of.

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