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onsdag 11 augusti 2010

Garage rats - Selftitled 7'' (1998)

01. Fuck everything
02. Raise your fists
03. Boot 'em in
04. Better off

Released by F.U.G. Records in 1998.

A skinheadband from Lady lake, Florida that had a short "carrer" in 1998 releasing this EP and a split EP the same year. The band consisted of Stefan Meisse on vocalsand his brother Justin on bass, Jarrod Lorenz on guitar and Jeremy on drums. The band was friends with Dead end kids and they were also heavily influenced by their sound. The bandname couldnt be more correct because this is a pure garageband and the quality of the songs might not be high but dont go thinking this is some crusty screamonoize band though cause they actually make some singalong friendly song on this record.

This was a hard band to find out about since no one else seems to know of them (let alone had one of their records) but finding their records was surprisinly easy (actually bought them both from interpunk). The sound is pure gutter oi! but their second track Raise your fists is one hell of a track with handclapps and bootstomps (all missing is some piano to spice it up hehe). I never really care about if the band recorded their stuff in a basement or in a Sony penthouse studio i actually like the rougher punk sound over some managed "pure" sound. Dont worry though thisis not one of those bands where you cant hear the lyrics cause their vocalist has a clear voice and it lacks the cookiemonster mumbling that seems to be so populair today (naming no names).
This record is still availible 12 years later at Interpunk.

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  1. Here's some better recordings of "Fuck Everything" and "Fuck Everybody"