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måndag 7 april 2014

White Flag Down - Malcontent killing machine CD (2010) +introduction

01. Malcontent killing machine
02. We turn our backs
03. Losing card
04. Easy is her name
05. Hollywood hell
06. LA was built for me

Released by Safety Pin in 2010.

A young band LA band with old members is probably the best way to describe this band. The band itself has only been around since late 00's but their frontman Sean "Coop" Cooper is somewhat of an embodiement of punkrock and has become just as known for his music these last years as he used to be known for his numerous facial tattoos and lack of teeths in his mouth. Other than Coop on vocals the band consists of Jason Dissent on guitar, Ian Down on bass and Ryan Cox on drums.

As grim as Coop might look this band is far from grim and comes in on more of a Clockwork Orange streetpunk level but more clean shaved and "Oi!-ish" than the Lower Class Brats (though just as good. This album was the bands first release and has since released an LP and a 7'' that i will upload in 2016 according to my 3-year rule. Coop also banded together with Cliff Warby (Condemned 84) last year in a new band they call Para Elite.
The opening track features an intro from Clockwork Orange. This might seem as original as a band doing a cover of Skinhead Girl but it's actually to good to be shitted on. Losing card goeas way to Rancid for my taste but can easily be ignored as soon as i hear their song Hollywood Hell. Hollywood Hell is just a damn near perfect punksong but since i have a fetish for piano in punk i cant pass the thought of how awesome it woul be with an uptempo piano in the background, or at least a midi-piano or a sample of a piano or whatever as long as it recembles a piano. Few share my fetish for piano in punk but if you do you know what i'm talking about.

As little as i like American streetpunk and as unoriginal as i think Clockwork Orange bands are it's still a damn good release from a proper good Westcoast band. And who knows maybe one day we can hear a re-recording of Hollywood Hell with piano in it?

Hollywood Hell (live in 2012)

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