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måndag 12 september 2011

Templars & Red alert - Super yobs showdown Vol.1 LP (1994)

01. Red alert - Bad man (Cockney Rejects cover)
02. Red alert - In the U.S.
03. Red alert - Riding the storm
04. Red alert - Crisis
05. Red alert - Tomorrow's girl
06. Red alert - The river Hudson
07. Templars - Police informer
08. Templars - Dead end politics
09. Templars - Skinheads...Alright!
10. Templars - Computerized work force
11. Templars - Aint got a clue
12. Templars - News of the night

Released by Vulture Rock Recordings in 1994.

Finally efter years of searching i finally have the record. Got it ripped and sent to me by Brian Guy in digital format and even if i have had all the songs from various other releases by the band it's nice to hear the real LP version of all the songs like they where recorded in the first place. Many thanks Bryan.

After Red Alert's reunion in the 90's they did a US tour and this was the result of their visit in the US.

Red alert brings the strongest side of the LP and starts of with a suberb cover of the old Cockney Rejects song (think CR's old drummer was in Red Alert at this point, correct me if im wrong).

Templar's side is far from bad but somehow they have put together most of my least favourite songs for this release with exception of Police informer (damn i love that song).

Nothing new under the sun but a great LP that i have been too stingy to purchase at the high prices collectors want for them.

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  1. Thank you! I've been looking this for years!

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  4. ok u are boss
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    1. Since interpunk has a reputation of helping artists and being fair people with years in the scene i gladly link to them. Linking to your shitty "skinheadzine" is not on my agenda since you mainly promote yourself on the site.... not the scene.