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söndag 27 december 2009

Squiggy & The booked - A case of pride (2001)

01. Squiggy - Bring 'em back
02. Squiggy - Extinct
03. Squiggy - Anti-social (Skrewdriver cover)
04. Squiggy - Main st. USA
05. Squiggy - Wartime victims
06. The booked - Pride & honor
07. The booked - Stand our ground
08. The booked - The underground struggle
09. The booked - We are rebellion
10. The booked - Pancho & Lefty (Townes Van Zandt cover)

Released by Squigtone records in 2001.

The last album by Squiggy (before re-uniting in the late 2009).

This time Squiggy teamed up with The booked from down south Texas. Not really the same bands musically but their minds are set on the same thing. To bring back patriotism and workingclass values into punkrock. From the cover to the sleeve its all constitutional and star-spangled but thats no reason to actually like the stuff right. So what about the music?

Bloody great! Squiggy never seems to let me down on any of their records and not on this one either. Starting of the record with Bring 'em back a militant anthem for the workingclass about the movement of production and factories to other countries with the lyrics "You told us stories that we wouldnt believe, while you sold our fucking jobs to the japanese".
Another track by Squiggy that is above the rest is Main st. USA that really shows how much better pure musically they have become over the years. And a cover track from Skrewdriver's punkyears cant really go wrong.

The booked playes more of a streetpunk Oi! focusing more on choruses and catchy guitartunes and as much as i liked their album from 2000 and their bluecollar mentality its only about 2 tracks on this split that are good in my ears. Pride and honor and We are rebellion, both dealing with the life of a workingman are well worth listening to.
Be sure to check out Squiggys new recordlabel and their upcomming albums that are to be released in 2010.

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  1. Anyone knows where to purchase this record? Would really like to hear the Townes van Zandt cover and I don't download by principle.