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torsdag 10 december 2009

The wretched ones - Go to work (1996)

01. These four walls
02. Bottles and cans
03. Mind your own business
04. Up in smoke
05. Take us to your leader
06. Life hits hard
07. Dear Wolfgang
08. I'm just doing my job
09. Move on
10. The king
11. That's why i drink beer
12. The last song

Released by Headache records in 1996.

A bit more serious then the first album. Up in smoke handling the problems with drug-abuse and Life hits hard about spoiled kids that dont want to work.
Best track is Dear Wolfgang the same that was featured on the today classic first volume of Backstreets of American oi!.
Other great tracks are Mind your own business, Im just doing my job and the tragical Thats why i drink beer .

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