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lördag 3 juli 2010

Working class soldiers - Demo (2005)

01. Patriot
02. Gay bash
03. Working class kid
04. Boot party
05. Fuck you! (WCS anthem)
06. China man Oi!
07. Skinhead girl
Selfreleased by the band in 2005.
A fourman band out of Anaheim, California that plays a sort of RAC influenced Oi!. It was started back in 1994 with Juan on vocals, Harry on guitar, Ralph on bass and Art on drums. They never released anything else then this demo but was featured with 2 of these songs on the superb American Defence compilation in 2006 called American skinheads armed with the truth. They are a blue collar patriotic band that follows the written constitution above all with liberty for all etc etc. This is where my problem with the group comes in. I am never the one to be PC about anything especially not music but how can a band that celebrates liberty and freedom for all make a song about killing people just because of who they like to fuck (Gay bash)? To me that just sounds stupid and ignorant but i guess it's just an attempt to piss people off.Länk
The sound of the band is typical aggressive Oi! and on some songs like the track Patriot i really like the singer but with double standards and bad song-quality it falls flat.

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