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onsdag 14 juli 2010

The uprise (Introduction)

One of the scenes most notorious and classic bands from the 80's. Even if they actually only released a 7'' their reputation is what made them big. They formed in 1986 in Philladelphia under the name Suburban uprise and the members was Rob Daly on drums and vocals and the brothers Matt & Scott Andrews on bass and guitar. Jimmy "Skinny Emond would later join and do the vocals on their 7'' but later left to sing in The Mad hatters. Just like most other skinheadbands around this time they played hardcore influenced Oi! (Warzone, YDL etc etc.) and it didnt take long until they changed their bandname and had their first gigs.
The band was featured on some comps (US of Oi! and The spirit of Oi! - American style) and released a couple of demo's but actually only released a single in 1988 through Oi!-core records.

What made the band so notorious was their lifes of the stage and their affiliations with some of the most demented and violent skinhead gangs in the US at that time. They where members of the FFF crew (Fight For Freedom) that was one of the most feared gangs in USA at that time. Some rumours say that they where also connected to the Pottstown Riot crew that made the headlines after a 17 year old member killed his own parents in coldblood.

The band was always extremly patriotic and this was something that The exploited got a taste of when doing a show in USA (where The uprise also was playing) in 1987. Before their show they where confronted by The uprise and some local skinheads that told them that if they playd their song Fuck the USA something bad would happen to them. The exploited being on foreign soil and all decided to leave that number of their liveset. Thinking everything was cool they left their set only to find their tourvan tipped over and smashed to pieces.

The band broke up in 1988 and the members went on to form other projects. Rob Daly and Matt Andrews went on to form the band New Glory that was an American RAC band that only lasted for a year and later in 1990 Rob would join the band Elite terror on drums.

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  1. I interviewed Rob Daly back in the day for my old zine "Skinhead Power". Skinny Jimmy sang on the 7" and US of Oi!comp tracks, then left to join the Madhatters. Rob sang on the unreleased Lp, and Spirit of Oi! comp tracks.

  2. P.S. THanks a bunch for uploading this great stuff!

  3. Thanks for the info.
    I had no idea he sang in Madhatters.

  4. I also updated the hatters info.