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söndag 18 juli 2010

Band of felons - Drown my sorrows, drink my dreams MCD (2002)

01. Over the edge
02. Dick & Jane
03. P.T.I.
04. No place like home
05. Time for change

Released by Go for broke records in 2003.

I must say this album was a dissapointment when i bought it. I had to cash out 7.25 dollars for a homemade cd with 5 songs and then i expect all 5 songs to be solid tracks. Anyway there is one good song and i guess i can put this album in my rare collection and never play it again. Over the edge the one track that is good is really good and reminds me a bit about the sound that The barons and Loose skrews has.
Dont mind buying it since i took photos of the inner sleave just download it. There is better music out there to waste your hardearned money on.
If you absolutely must own this or just want to support the group its still available through Interpunk.

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