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torsdag 29 juli 2010

The bureau (We want that record now!)

The bureau was a patriotic Oi! band from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania that was active around 2000. The members where Matt on vocals (around the last active period he was replaced by some guy named Steve), Drew and the brothers John and Dave. They played some local shows with The traditionals and The sussed but never did any bigger shows during their active years. They recorded about 8 tracks witch of one was released on the Gang up free 7'' that i have already posted. The band took an abrupt end when Dave died in a fire some time after this. His brother John stopped associating with the rest of the band after this and started getting active in the extreme right-wing movement.
Pure impact expressed some intrests in releasing their 8 tracks on a LP but because off the lack off playtime it was hard to make it a full album and the LP was canceled.
Many other labels has also expressed intrest in a release but John wants it to be released on a white power label and the rest of the members didnt want any of that so the record is now stuck in a musical limbo.
My advice to anyone that might have the masters is leak that shit ou or release it as a illegal bootleg and dont let any of the original members get any of the profit it might do. Just get your political differences out of the way and releace the fucking thing you cunts.

Thanks to Doag Sloan (creator of the Boots'n'Booze record label) for the info.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Hey! I've uploaded a song by The Bureau called Clockwork Boys on my blog http://thug-rock.blogspot.com/ I know it's not quite what you're looking for in this post, but if you don't already it have you might wanna give it a listen, it's demo version, but it's got a decent sound

  2. The one from that compilation right. A good song and a nice little blogg you just started. I will add it in my stite-list

  3. I have the 4 songs from their MySpace page if you don't have them already and want them.

    1. No sir i don't have them. Would be well happy to hear them.