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fredag 23 juli 2010

Headwound - The early years (2000)

01. Tuck-A-Buck
02. Greater then zero less than one
03. Barfly
04. Bergen county
05. Kings of beer
06. Shut up
07. Keep it in the country
08. Terminal delinquent
09. Thinkin' & drinkin'
10. Town without a name
11. Runaway (Del Shannon cover)
12. Curds and whey
13. D.M.V.
14. Get of my line (live)
15. Abnormality (live)

Released by Squigtone records in 2000.

Track 1-4 is their first 7'' called The E.P. and was released by Headache in 1991. This is a damn good Ep and two tracks deffinetly worth checking out are Barfly and Bergen county.

Track 5-8 was their second 7'' called Kings of beer also released through Headache but in 1993. This is my alltime favourite album by Headwound and is a bit more Oi!riented with the awesome singalong song Kings of beer, the patriotic anthem Keep it in the country and my favourite track by the band Terminal delinquent.

Tracks 9 and 10 is the A-side to their third 7'' called Thinkin' & drinkin' released by Dim records in 1993. This album is the beginning of their little more annoying sound but the song Town without a name is ok. The B-side to this 7'' was included on other releases so your not missing anything.

Both track 11 and 12 are early unreleased songs and even if the Del Shannon cover is great i can understand that track 12 never made it out of the demostage.

Track 13 is from their first ever cassette demo that got them their deal with Headache. It was featured on their full-length in 1994 but in typical punk-maner this early demosong kicks the shit out of the later mastered version.

The two last tracks are taken from an old gig in the Phoenix Club. Good tracks but nothing special live.

All in all this is a great collection of their early and most active years featuring one of my most favourite American punk EP's.
This album can still be bought from Interpunk. Well worth the money.

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