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tisdag 6 juli 2010

The drunks - Ruin it for everyone (2000)

01. Let it out
02. Elvira
03. Pride of Manchester
04. Bottles full
05. Saturday night
06. Cougar

Released by TKO records in 2000 and later re-released in 2006.

Your typical garage streetpunk/Oi! band that looks more like a bunch of psychobilly guys. They started in 1998 as one of the few "skinheadbands" in the little town of Manchester, New Hampshire. The band consisted of Al on vocals, George and Christian on guitars (though Christian left the band after this release), Evan on bass and Denis on drums. They released this EP in 2000 and later changed their name to The dark alley drunks and released a 7'' on DSS records in 2002. After that the band broke up and to my knowledge none of the members went on to play in any other bands. One of them now does service in Iraq but thats basicly all i know. They where proud members of the skinheadcrew Manchester Firm.

If your looking for something special and inventive this is not the band your looking for. This is typical and very cliché punkrock with "drunken bluecollar youth beating down people cause they are skinheads and thats what skinheads do" type of lyrics. This not meaning that its bad music in any way. The first song called Let it out is actually really good and i really like Al's way of singing on this track and Bottles full but the rest are all "soso" songs that dont really stick out in any way.
A decent album.
7/10 (yep im starting with the 10/10 grade again)
This record is still availible in these stores:

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