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fredag 16 juli 2010

New glory - Backlash (1988)

01. New glory
02. Sarge
03. Red, white and blue
04. Robin Hood
05. Never surrender
06. Backlash
07. The spirit can't be killed
08. Loyal and brave
09. We pay the price
10. We the people (Fly our flag)

Released by Rock-O-Rama in 1988.

After The uprise broke up both Matt Andrews and Rob Daly went on to form this band with their Philly friends Fran Sherlock on vocals and Todd Forkin on guitar. The band only lasted for about 2 years and this was their only release. The band was anti-communist, nationalists and pro-white but they never had any racist lyrics in their songs (and whatever their views where off-stage is none of my concerne).

If you're like me a fan of early right-winged US Oi! like Arresting officers and Stars & stripes this will be right up your alley. Musically and lyricly they are very close to AO and i guess the fact that the bandmembers never went on to form non-political bands like Limecell damned them to the racistfolder for all time.
Good music is always good music for me as long as it doesnt advocate hatecrimes or racism. And this is damn good Oi! that i think many people that are scarred of the "white devil" have missed.
Best track on the record is Sarge about a war veteran that now lives on the streets "A medal for his honor but no food for him to eat".
With a cocky cover like that and the great music that it contains this one could easily be one of my top records but on some songs like Never surrender they become a bit to "on the brink" for me.
Definitely not for the weakhearted or PC people.

12 kommentarer:

  1. They also had two songs on one one of the "Gods Of War" compilations, that's not on the album, the songs are "Afghanistan" and "New Era".

  2. I had no idea but i guess God Of war is in the painted conan LP cover genre and thats not oftenly my cup of tea. But now i have to search for that album.
    Thanks Dan.

  3. No problem, to save you some time, I have just uploaded the 2 songs: http://www.mediafire.com/?46lr7qm1taxi14r
    I hope the link works, I 've never tried this before

  4. Haha i got to it first. Soulseek is a savior. Thanks for the touble though.

  5. Members of this band have moved on to other non-political bands. Rob Daly sang in a hardcore band called Everyday Dollars and there were a couple Japanese dudes in that band. I don't know about then, but he ain't a racist now.

  6. Not that it really matters to any great degree now, considering that this was all more than 20 years ago now - but didn't the original album cover have a white power cross on it? Or at least one of the issues of it did.

    I saw it for sale on a record stall once.

    Maybe the band had it taken off because they'd reconsidered that aspect of it? Dunno...

    1. There is one version with the celtic cross yes. But to my knowledge it was featured on the second printing on CD

    2. This is the cover I was talking about, by the way.


      (I should've just looked on discogs first!)

      I saw it ages ago on a record stall at a punk fest. I'd never heard of the band then, but from the look of the cover and the fact that it said 'Rock-O-Rama' on the back, I figured that the stall owner would be getting abuse for having that on there from certain people, if they noticed it.

    3. I know that there is a vinyl without it but probably the one without is the odd one out and not the other way around. Seems wierd doing that though because no lyrics in the record has any racial themes (other than pride and nationalism)

  7. reupload please