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måndag 5 juli 2010

Lyrics for Priceless advice by Tommy gutless

My granddad used to tell me that boy you will turn out right
You'll get along long after im gone i can see it in your eyes
I was on the floor looking up at his chair, sitting indian style with fine blonde hair
And i hung on every word that he handed down to me
He said i remember back to the days when i was a little bit older than you
I would sit right there with my grandpa trying to learn all that he knew
I remember my dad comming into the room he would stop and smile the way that you do
Now i know those words where heaven sent and that my time was time well spent

He said you'll learn when to fight, you'll learn when to run
When to stick with your principals and stick to your guns
That murder is wrong but a man has got to pay for what he's done
And if it means the forfeit of his life, hey thats all right cause he will be judged when kingdom comes

I guess i did a good job on your old man, and your mothers not here tonight
But what i decree and im sure she would agree that everything turned out all right
They raised you strong, they raised you true with every bit of love the only way that they knew
And all this time they always thought of you, they raised you proud and strong they raised you red, white & blue


Well i've been down and out of my luck, puched faith to many times with a semitruck
My hearts been bad ever since i was 3, couldnt hear well enough to join the army
But i walked down there and i tried to hide what was ailing me when i went inside
I tried to go off and fight in that war but god and the recruiter had more in store

}Chorus x2{

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